His Dark Reflection⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: Marvellous Michael Anson


7/1/20231 min read

Mote was keeping secrets when she married Jack. So was he.
When the single shot that takes their son's life blows open all they've kept hidden, they have to face their worst nightmares alone.
Their daughter, Ara, remembers one thing from the night her brother was killed. She knows who pulled the trigger.
She knows Mote is sleeping in the same bed as the man who killed her child.
She knows something is off with the man pretending to be her father.
And she will get her revenge.

Review: First, I would like to thank Marvellous Michael Anson for trusting me as an ARC reader and for the copy of this wonderful book.

Everything a crime mystery needs is in this book. The characters are very well-developed and take you through all their emotions. You relate to each of them and even the evil twin got my sympathy at moments.
The story is well thought out. The moment you think you figured something out, a twist in the story ruins that idea. You keep on reading as you do want to know what’s around the corner. The end was really good and although I’m not a big cliffhanger fan; it left room for a sequel to this story and I hope there will be one.

There were moments when the story dragged on a little. Some dialogue wasn’t necessary, but overall it wasn’t something I couldn’t get over.

If you love murder mysteries, you definitely want to give this book a shot!