Author: Liza Snow


7/1/20232 min read

Book Blurb: He knows I’m his obsession, a delicate butterfly, his little papillon, he yearns to possess. But he may be the one to shatter my delicate wings.
In the seductive realm of Cirque du Lys, Chandler Moreau, the enigmatic master of the silks, holds the key to my deepest desires. As a graduate student at his esteemed academy, I'm determined to become his protégé and partner, unaware of the dangers lurking beneath his captivating gaze.
She haunts my dreams, my beautiful muse, destined to soar, but my touch may ground her forever.
Cassandra Blackstone consumes me. Our bond transcends the confines of our shared passion for the circus, when a serendipitous encounter kindles an undeniable and forbidden flame, propelling us towards the brink of temptation. Haunted by the shadows of a sinister past, I risk her very existence even being near her. Or so I think. Soon I discover that Cassandra and I are entwined in a history, that binds us together even more than the silks we’ve mastered. And as it’s tries to undo everything we’ve built, we’re confronted with an impossible choice. Do we surrender to the forces that seek to tear us apart? Or do we defy the odds, fighting for the love that has become our salvation, knowing we’re entangled with the very enemy we’ve feared our entire lives?

Review: Firstly, I like to thank Netgally for this Arc.

I immediately fell in love with the cover and the blurb was intriguing.

Cassandra wants to be an aerial artist when she is 13 and sees Chandler Moreau. At 25 she gets accepted into Moreau’s Academy.
Cassandra becomes Chandler's protege and that leads to a steamy relationship with some hot scenes.
Both Cassandra and Chandler are haunted by secrets of their pasts, but can’t stay away from each other, which gives this book romance, suspense and mystery. The book started out great and the scenes in Cirque de Lys, make you want to live the circus life. They made you feel you were there and watching the mesmerizing Japanese art of Shibari.
Now...I like a slow burn, but I'm not sure what happened in the 2nd half of the book. It almost felt like someone else took over the writing. It got repetitive and I got really bored, to the point that I almost DNF the book. Keeping the first half in mind I did finish it. I can handle cliffhangers, but there needs to be some clarity and it mostly left me confused. The 2nd part of the book didn't satisfy me at all, which was a shame as I truly loved the first half. I'm still curious about what is going to happen and perhaps I need to give the 2nd book a try and hope it will be as good as the first half of this book. I would rate the book at 3.5